Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iPhone v2.0 Announced

June 10th, 2008 - It is 4:30 AM in the morning and I'm still in the office, ready to go home but couldnt wait to start writing this post on the now famous "Jesus Phone", the iPhone v2.0

Apple Boss, Steve Jobs announced the second generation iPhone to the world at the annual WWDC (where the Mac Geeks Meet) in San Fran held to be held from June 9-13. Oh what a relief!! Or is it? Keep reading. The iPhone v2.0 is scheduled to launch on July 11, 2008 in different continents and then there is a different date for third-world countries ;) Check it out here

Aiight, aiight I know what you want to hear, my fresh list of Features & Bloopers on the iPhone here goes...

1. The BIGGEST draw this time around is the PRICE, 8GB for $199 and 16GB for $299, thats a steal but hold on, thats for US customers and some of the original traits still remain, like No Carrrier choice, No Replaceable battery, No Bluetooth Stereo Sound/File Sharing and of course No Customization. In India, for this (v2.0) you can easily add $150 to the US make but you know what, you will still save a cool $200 (on the v1.0 that I purchased). So go ahead, spoil yourself
2. They Apple guys just couldnt ignore the Corporates and introduced "ActiveSync" and now my friends they have put Blackberry in the dock. Coz iPhone just got in the "Enterprise" league and cheaper. They call it "Mobile Me" and this will update your Calendar, Contacts and Mails just like you see it in your Office up-to-date
3. Another BIG draw, the iPhone is now 3G enabled. So once again, it has tried to stick its neck in the heat for high-speed browsing amongst cellphone lovers. For comparison sakes, 3G renders pages 36% times faster than its predecessor EDGE. Well, that I have to see
4. What are MAPs without GPS so the iPhone comes to the party (albeit late). Now getting directions is easy, as you move
5. Last but not the least, they finally made the new generation iPhone with universal headphone jacks. Man, I can't tell you how that was needed so desperately amongst music enthusiasts.
6. Apple has also come with App Store for the iPhone, something like the jailbroken "Installer" that you can use to install different Apps but again not every App on the net for download is free

Some additional touches include the choice of colors Black or White, the aluminium back is replaced with polished plastic, personally I like the aluminium with the chrome Apple logo.

Ok, so what does it mean for the existing iPhone users, well for starters, you will have to swallow your spit coz you just paid a BOMB for v1.0. Having said that, you are better off with Customization than the sorry looking iPhone with +100 restrictions. Apple has put up a notice that existing Users can upgrade the software to get features like "Mobile Me" but that can also mean you may loose your jailbroken Apps. I'll wait and watch how the community responds to v2.0 and what they come up with. Maybe a jailbreak on v2.0 is already ON as I write this.

Watch out for this space...oh yeah read all about v2.0 here