Sunday, July 6, 2008

The iPhone "Browser" Solution

July 6, 2008 - It is 6:15 AM on a lazy Sunday morning, I sit down to post a solution I have been waiting and wanting for quite a while.

If you have read my earlier posts on this blog, you will remember I mentioned the iPhone does not have an "easy" way to navigate through its folders directly on the phone or remotely via a software. The solution up until now was to download a software called Winscp, an FTP client for Windows, synch it with iPhone via a Wi-Fi connection and then navigate the folders, check out the procedure here . Really, there had to be a easier and more user friendly way to do this (coming from a geek, trust me on this one)

After some serious searching on the net, I found what is called the "iPhone Browser" available on Google Code, a neat software that works when the iPhone is connected via the USB connection (how many Indians are Wi-Fi ready in their homes?). It is as simple as downloading the .exe file and installing. Just when everything seemed to be going fine, an error came up "iPhone connected, not jailbroken". F***, I was almost on the verge of losing my you know what when I found the solution to that as well, GOD BLESS the INTERNET :)

So basically, you connect the iPhone to the system using the USB cable and run this software from Start>All Programs>iPhone Browser (there is no Desktop icon created for this software), you will receive the error as mentioned above. Chill, follow the steps below

1. Disconnect the iPhone from the system
2. On the iPhone, go to Installer>Sources and Add the Source " "
3. After the installation is complete, inside Installer, go to Install>Unlocking Tools>ZiPhone iBrickr Fix
4. Install this software and restart the iPhone
5. Now connect the iPhone via USB and start the "iPhone Browser" software and voila!! you will see the message "iPhone Connected" on the Status Bar, you will also see the list of folders available on the iPhone on the left-hand navigation pane

Oh ! well are you still figuring out why this was "SO" important, well for starters, since you are using a jailbroken phone and try new and different things all the time, the original files can go for a toss, you need something where you can go and restore them. Also, if you wanted to "PIMP" your iPhone, you need to know where the files are located so you can replace them with your customized ones.

Now for the Geeks Golden Rule, "before you use the iPhone Browser, do not ADD/MODIFY/DELETE any file or folder without taking a BACKUP"

This is a good place to find some more solutions to the issues you may come across when using the iPhone Browser. That's a wrap on this post, tell me if this baby worked for you, Ciao.

Disclaimer: "If the instructions on my page work for you, I know you and if they dont, I dont know you"