Monday, May 5, 2008

My iPhone Fixes - Part II

May 5th, 2008 - I got up early like at 5:00 AM and by the time I sit down to right this it is 8:10 AM and these 3 Hours I have spent just playing with the iPhone trying to see what else I care about fixing or end up discovering.

Well, for starters, the iPhone CAN DO (as I realize every day) most of the stuff that your run-0f-the-mill phone can do. The only hitch is Apple did not have the time to fit everything in before a stiff release date (from Internet sources) and so your best bet is the third-party apps snuggled in the phone. The guy who jailbroke my phone (and I dont know who) has really put in stuff that can my *PIMP* my iPhone, if I choose to do so. All these apps can be found under Installer>Install>under Categories list, Utilities

1. POOF - I read about this app on the net and found that it can hide icons on the Springboard (Home Screen). It will create an icon on the Springboard. Touch-Open and you can choose which icon you want to see and which ones should be hidden. Mind you, DO NOT hide the Poof icon coz there is no other way to access it and you will be stuck with what you have on the screen. Ofcourse, you can always uninstall it and re-install and the icon should be back. I liked this app and its kinda useful

2. weTool - Now what this app does is, it helps you delete indivual phone records + text msgs (like SMSD). If you dont know already, the iPhone has the option to delete ALL phone records only. This tool will help overcome this limitation. It will also help you FORWARD individual SMS msgs but you cannot REPLY using this app (like SMSD). In the Phone records, it indicates Incoming, Outgoing and Missed calls (again something I mentioned as a limitation in my earlier posts) so you know what you are deleting. I tried the app but not planning to keep it

3. DropCopy - This app lets you share files and apps with another iPhone wirelessly. One of things the iPhone is unable to do is send files over bluetooth connection. This app needs to be ON on both iPhone devices to be able to send and receive files. Well, atleast you can share something with iPhone users.

There are so many apps in this Utilities category, I cant even begin to tell, just read ony by one and you will see so many of the limitations on the iPhone can be overcome. Besides, it can do some things that you would not have imagined when you bought the iPhone, like uploading pictures to Flickr account directly, taking Screenshots on the phone, boosting the Volume, using Filters to blacklist Callers and SMS msgs, act as a self-defence alarm in an emergency. The future is looking bright :)

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I also discovered another intresting facet to the iPhone and that is its ability to be used like a TOY, yea you heard me right, a TOY. What kind of TOY, watch out for the next post. Ciao.

Disclaimer: "If the instructions on my page work for you, I know you and if they dont, I dont know you"

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