Friday, December 5, 2008

Google Maps-Street View on the 2.2

December 5th, 2008 - I couldnt wait to put this post the moment I tried the Google Maps-Street View feature, it was amazing and even surreal for a moment. This feature came with the 2.2 Update and I think this is by far the only meaningful change worth talking about

It took me some time to figure out where the hell was this feature, navaigating the Maps. So here's how you see it...
  1. Tap MAPs on the Home Screen
  2. Type the name of a US City or US Street Address (this works best for the so-called "first-world countries")
  3. Then Tap on the icon (as indicated below) on the left of the Address listed.
  4. Woosh! it is almost like Magic, you are transported to a 360 degree view of that Street or any famous Street of that city

Check this. Wonder when this will capture images of Mumbai, now that is surreal for sure

You can move around the screen (works only in Landscape mode) by using your fingers and also pinch to zoom in and out. When you see a white arrow on a Street name (like the one shown in the pic above), just tap the arrow and it will take you further ahead of the road, all the way up to a point where there is nothing else to :) Try it to believe it !

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