Monday, October 6, 2008

Upgrade to 2.1 - Complete

6th October, 2008 - The time is 10:45 AM Monday morning and I just wrapped up the iPhone Firmware Upgrade to 2.1

It's been a while I haven't done anything substantial on the iPhone and this Upgrade was on Agenda. Like every Upgrade information, I checked everything I possibly could before taking the rather brave step (this time there was no instructions/videos on how to do this) to do-it-myself. There was an Upgrade before 2.1 which, was 2.0.2 but that was no big deal and I didnt think it was worth spending time and effort on it. As I write this, word is out that there is a 2.2 in the making, man....someone is NOT satisfied with the iPhone at Apple Inc.

Click here to see the changes that comes with the Upgrade 2.1

I did see the post from my regular blogger "iPhone Fan" on how to Upgrade the 3G iPhone to 2.1 using QuickPwn but even he was waiting to Upgrade his first-gen iPhone. Well, I'm glad I did it before him ;) So this post of his, provided some inputs on how this could be achieved including using the new software called QuickPwn (we only had WinPwn up until now for Windows Users) for Windows.

So here are the basic steps on how you go about the Upgrade to 2.1 on first-gen iPhone using iTunes 8.0 and QuickPwn 2.1 for Windows

  • Update iTunes to 8.0 or later (if you haven't done that already). Just connect your iPhone and iTunes should prompt you to Download and Install a new version, click OK. The download speed depends on the Internet Connection and the Installation takes about 5-10 Mins.
  • Take a Backup of both Contacts/Mails/Msgs etc...and the Library, check for help on taking Backups.
  • Once the Download and Install on the iPhone is complete via iTunes (assuming you had a jailbroken iPhone), all the customization will be lost and the iPhone will look like when you got it out from the Box. I was expecting it to LOCK the phone but it didnt. Not everyone gets lucky with Upgrades mind you and so saying a little prayer before starting this activity is a MUST ;)


  • Now even if the phone was locked, the QuickPwn software is the key to unlock it. So now that you have the phone in it's original form, start QuickPwn (with iPhone connected) and just follow the instructions in the video in this post. It also has a link to download QuickPwn.
  • On the screen, where you choose Cydia and Installer (remember, these Apps come on your iPhone ONLY via jailbreaking and is used to PIMP the iPhone), I got another option to Unlock the Phone, check that option
  • Next screen will prompt you to Browse the Bootloader files 3.9 and 4.6, I remember these files I had used to jailbreak using WinPwn (you can get these files from this post) and I used the same files and proceeded with the jailbreak. Follow the on-screen instructions (especially putting the iPhone in DFU Mode) and in 10 Mins, you will have everything up and working with Cydia and Installer on the Springboard of your iPhone

There you go, your first-gen iPhone is now using the latest firmware 2.1 (meant for 3G iPhone). I didn't even have to Restore my Contacts or Playlists, it was all there but some of you may not be so lucky so you can always check articles on on how to achieve Backups.

Well, another satisfying geek job is accomplished, as far as I'm concerned and now heading to bed, got to go work in the nights. Ciao


Rohini said...

Thanks Shiva, I have upgraded my iPhone to 2.1 today. 3 of my colleages are also upgrading their iPhone's tonight I.e. Now. I am writing this with my iPhone 2G :)

Shivonix said...

Hey that nice to hear, I'm not sure if we crossed paths before, can you refresh my memory?

And Welcome to the Club!